Registered Texas Longhorns for Sale

We chose to raise Registered Texas Longhorns because they are an integral part of Texas & America's history. The first two cows we bought, one was a Registered Texas Longhorn, the other was not.

We fell in love with the longhorns & decided to breed them. We believe as a reputable breeder one should always try to keep the breed pure & improve upon it where possible, which is why we decided to stay strictly with the Registered Texas Longhorns. We strive to breed the best Registered Texas Longhorns with out sacrificing any of their unique qualities, horn, confirmation, genetics, color & more.

We believe gentleness plays a large role too, which is why all of ours are hand raised and imprinted on at birth. To us, our Registered Texas Longhorns are not just cattle but "family pets". This way you can take them to shows, have them as a "pet", or just enjoy them in your pasture !

Registered Texas Longhorns for Sale

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